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  • 01 September 2018
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Homeland A Novel Read & Download ☆ 104 Barbara Hambly ¾ 4 Read & Download Rner on an isolated Maine island her beloved husband fighting for the Confederacy Through the letters the two women exchange they speak of the ordeal of a familiar world torn apart by tragedy And yet their uniue friendship will help mend the fabric of a ravaged nationThe two women write about books and art about loss and longing about their future and the future of their country About love About being a woman in nineteenth century America About the triumphant resilience of the. Homeland is told entirely in the form of a correspondence between two women nominally on opposite sides of the American Civil War Susanna is the daughter of a Southern plantation holder and a gifted artist intellectual Cora from Maine is married to one of Susanna s family friends Emory Susanna opens the correspondence with a plea to Cora not to tell anyone that she saw Susanna in a compromising embrace Cora gently admonishes Susanna that the manEmory s widowed father Justindoes not have a good reputation but otherwise holds her peace When the Civil war begins a newly pregnant Cora returns to her family home in Maine while Emory enlists in the army But he chooses to enlist in the Confederate Army leaving her to ensure the pity and suspicionwhen she refuses to consider divorceof her neighbours and former friends Both women wind up trapped by the needs of others even as their situations become progressively difficult and especially for Susannah dangerous As the South collapses Susannah s home becomes a refuge for militia than half bandits by this timeand hold outs from the confederate army Emory among them Why five stars I admire Barbara Hambly s work full stop the meticulousness of her presentation of history and her eye for the ambiguities in character the nuances in power relations and the accommodations people make to survive The epistolatory form works so well for this story especially the device of the unsent letters in which Susanna writes down the things she dare not tell Cora The reader has to do just enough work to piece together what is implied rather than said or mentioned and then filled in after which gives it the flavour of a real correspondence I love the details of soap making foraging and survival and they too work as expressed in the letters where they might not fit easily into a conventional narrative

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Homeland A Novel

Homeland A Novel Read & Download ☆ 104 Barbara Hambly ¾ 4 Read & Download Those who loved Cold Mountain or Geraldine Brooks’s March will embrace and long remember this spellbinding novel of two remarkable women torn apart by conflict sustained by literature and art united by friendship and hope As brother turns against brother in the bloodbath of the Civil War two young women sacrifice everything but their friendship Susanna Ashford is the Southerner living on a plantation surrounded by scarred and blood soaked battlefields Cora Poole is the Northe. Hambly s historical novel is set during the American Civil War and is supposedly a series of letters between two friends who find themselves on opposite sides Cora is a supporter of the Union and Susie is a supporter of the Confederacy This book is not at all what I thought it was going to be What starts at as a family drama a la North and South turns into a discovery of what it means to be a woman and what is worth fighting for on a familial or personal level And uite frankly if you love Jane Austen you need to read this book because both Cora and Susie are writing love letters to literature as they write each other and their greatest goddess is Austen The story is put together by the reader because both women while challenging their place in the world are also socially constrained by it You have to read closely or else you will miss some very important details important ones The story opens with a mystery and ends with a solution Along the way lies heart break and struggle Hambly gives each of her ladies a strong voice and her solution to how the letters are sent during the war is well thought out The dangers that each woman faces varies depending upon their geographical location yet neither one is shown as being worthy of admiration or sympathy This done because while Cora and Susie are not related by blood their friendship is a deep and abiding one They do not agree with each other all the time but like real friendships the disagreement strengthens their relationship and each woman They learn from each other Susie might be a Confederate woman but her views on slavery are not those of her siblings and father Cora is an abolitionist but she also understands loyalty and a desire to protect one s home The two women are different but they are euals The very real friendship in the novel and how it is tested not just by the War but by family drama is a wonderful strength Too often one woman is always seen or portrayed as better even the women are supposed to be friends This is not the case here

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Homeland A Novel Read & Download ☆ 104 Barbara Hambly ¾ 4 Read & Download Human spirit Their voices and their stories are delineated in indomitable prose by an award winning writer who captures in intimate detail a singular moment in time In Homeland Barbara Hambly takes readers on a uniue odyssey across a landscape treacherous with hardship and hatred She paints a passionate masterpiece of a friendship that not only transforms our understanding of the most heart wrenching era of American history but celebrates the power of women to change their worl. This book consisted of letters exchanged between Susanna a Southern woman and Cora a Northerner throughout the duration of the Civil War Although a work of fiction it paints a realistic picture of what life was like for women during that time and the hardships and tragedies they endured A must read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction