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Other Voices of Gnosticism

Other Voices of Gnosticism review ´ 100 Lake from CG Jung to Philip K Dick from the ancient Sethians and Valentinians to the medieval Cathars and the Mandaeans the only surviving Gnostic sect Interviewees Tobias Churton • Nicola Denzey Lewis • Richard Smoley • Gary Lachman • Stephan Hoeller • David Brakke • Robert Price • Eric G Wilson • Nathaniel Deutsch • Sean Martin • Erik Davis • Daniel C Matt • Willis Barnstone • Ismo Dunderberg Praise for Voices of Gnosticism “Gets at the Gnostics a.

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Other Voices of Gnosticism review ´ 100 For several years Miguel Conner has engaged the most prominent writers and scholars on Gnosticism and early Christianity on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio The acclaimed Voices of Gnosticism collected interviews with academic scholars of Gnosticism Now in Other Voices of Gnosticism Miguel Conner extends his net to include leading writings such as Richard Smoley Gary Lachman and Tobias Churton Miguel and his guests discuss all aspects of Gnosticism from Hermes Trismegistus to William B.

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Other Voices of Gnosticism review ´ 100 S they were not as many people today would like them to be” Bruce Chilton author of The Way of Jesus and Rabbi Paul “Sophia and her aeonic friends should be delighted” Marvin Meyer author of The Gospel of Thomas The Hidden Sayings of Jesus The Gospels of Mary “You are holding in your hands a Gnostic gem a book that contains the rich wisdom of thirteen world renowned scholars who study Gnosticism and the classical world” April D DeConick author of The Thirteenth Apost.

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