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  • The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel)
  • By Paul Washer
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  • 02 February 2020
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review The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel) The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel) Summary Ö 0 Faith 10 Making Much of Sin 11 Making Much of God 12 Sinners One and All 13 Sinners Falling Short 14 Sinners Through and Through 15 Righteous Indignation 16 Holy War 17 A Most Costly Gift 18 The Divine Dilemma 19 A ualified Redeemer 20 The Cross of Jesus Christ 21 The Vindication of God 22 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ 23 The Foundation of Faith in the Resurrection 24 Christ's Ascension as the High Priest of His People 25 Christ's Ascension as the Lord of All 26 Christ's Ascension as the Judge of A. A Gospel saturated literary tour de force Washer will be as popular amongst the contemporary evangelical movement as Jesus Christ was with the Pharisees with this book It is a biblical truth that mans will is subject to his nature 120 I was reminded throughout this wonderful read of my depravity and by the author s dependance on scripture shown God s glory that he would save a wretch like me If you want to know how to miss Christ by about 18 inches read a modern christian book on how to get your best life now and live out your purpose If you want to get to the heart of the Gospel and be euipped to preach it to a fallen world your neighbours and your shaving mirror get the the Gospel s Power and Message If you follow any of our day s popular TV False Preachers you ll avoid this book by a country mile which is the reason why I would plead that you buy a copy and study it God will save you from the dark world of christian entertainment that serves your felt needs and bring you into the glorious light of his saving Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

review The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel)

 The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel)

review The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel) The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel) Summary Ö 0 Nd saving power May such a rediscovery transform your life strengthen your proclamation and bring the greatest glory to God Table of Contents Part One An Apostolic Introduction 1 A Gospel to Know and Make Known 2 A Gospel to Be Received 3 A Gospel by Which We Are Saved 4 A Gospel of First Importance 5 A Gospel Handed Down and Delivered Part Two The Power of God for Salvation 6 The Gospel 7 A Scandalous Gospel 8 A Powerful Gospel 9 A Gospel for All Who Believe Part Three The Acropolis of the Christian. Great book to read if you re destined for G d s Kingdom Nothing like the junk on TV about prosperity and entertainment preaching If you re serious about taking the next step in your walk buy this book Plenty of scripture references and a good book to read on a plane or if you just can t sleep at night I respect the author and I know his preaching style is a bit caustic but he said that people can t handle the gospelGood News What really touched my heart was when he started talking about the works we do and the reference to Isaiah in the Nevi im We need pastors like Paul Washer to wake up America and to get people serious about the world

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review The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel) The Gospel's Power and Message (Recovering the Gospel) Summary Ö 0 One of the greatest crimes of this generation of Christians is its neglect of the gospel and it is from this neglect that all our other maladies spring forth Absent from too many pulpits are the essential themes which make up the very core of the gospel the justice of God the radical depravity of man the blood atonement In The Gospel's Power and Message Paul Washer addresses these essential elements of Christ's good news and provides a guide to help us rediscover the gospel in all its beauty scandal a. The Gospel s Power and Message is a clear and comprehensive Bible commentary on the Gospel Every point is referenced and supported by Scripture It made me sad and angry over the watered down compromise of the Gospel in most churches today Even it convicted me of my own efforts to make the foolish yet powerful message of the Gospel palatable to sinful men I highly recommend this book for every believer especially pastors elders and those gifted as evangelist I finished the book thanking God for working through Paul Washer to faithfully and boldly exhort His church to turn from another gospel and stand on Truth Reading this book re stirred in me a passion for the Biblical Gospel a deeper desire to know and worship Jesus Christ and a yearning to go into the world and boldly proclaim the sinfulness of men and the only hope of salvation through faith in Him crucified and risen