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  • Black Crossing
  • C.K. Crigger
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  • 12 March 2020
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C.K. Crigger À 8 read & download

Black Crossing summary ¹ 8 review Black Crossing Him hanged Now with an under aged deputy and a hound dog as his only allies Osgood must sort out the truth protect the bereaved Ione Gilpatrick and bring a rough bunch of backwoods timber thieves to justice That is if Ione doesn’t beat him to. Excellent bookOne never knows uite what to expect when reading a book by an author you don t know Now I know and will be watching for

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Black Crossing

Black Crossing summary ¹ 8 review Black Crossing Carries wears at Isaac’s nerves until he can bear it no longer and vows to put the information into the new marshal’s handsUnfortunately Marshal TJ Osgood arrives in town too late He finds Isaac silenced for good after a crooked judge ordered. Good bookI enjoyed this story after I was into it for a while Will be looking up titles from this author

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Black Crossing summary ¹ 8 review Black Crossing A woman’s revenge and a man’s honor meet on a collision courseIsaac Gilpatrick witnesses the killing of old Marshall Blodgett and when his mother Ione is threatened with death or worse he is intimidated into remaining silent But the guilt he. THE INNOCENTIntrigue who done it and why A lawman possibly on his last chance of setting things right A mother whose sixteen year old son was hanged because he knew who had ambushed the previous Marshall The innocence paying the price set on them by a notorious town mayor Every page holds a lot of action you won t put this adventure down until you ve read the entire book Keep your Lucifers dry and enjoy yourselves