(PDF READ) [The Informationist Vanessa Michael Munroe #1] ¼ Taylor Stevens

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • The Informationist Vanessa Michael Munroe #1
  • Taylor Stevens
  • Portuguese
  • 15 September 2020
  • 9789898626349

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The Informationist Vanessa Michael Munroe #1 Summary ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Vanessa «Michael» Munroe trabalha com informação Depois de escapar a uma infância traumática numa África Central sem lei a sua formação e o seu treino permitem lhe obter todo o tipo de informações independentemente do cenário de operações onde se encontre Por isso é ago. I ve read The Informationist at least four times and just finished listening to the audio tape Let me take a moment here Hillary Huber narrated the audio and did a fantastic job I might actually listen to The Bible being narrated if she was doing it Okay back to the The InformationistVanessa Michael Munroe VMM burst out of the jungle smuggled herself into the US even though she was born here and reinvented herself as an almost normal person A chameleon she could take on the coloration of her surroundings It helped that she was a polymath able to pick up a language within days VMM could also usually keep her demons inside She utilized this unusual skill set and became one who could find out almost anything about anyone or anywhere for high end clients VMM didn t work cheap but even she was shocked and intrigued by an offer of millions to go back into Africa to find a missing girl Not her usual kind of work then again those millions Plus her attorney and dear friend really wanted her to take the job But VMM wanted a long rest from a year long job A chance to become herself again demons and all So welcome to the world of one the most intriguing and beguiling characters I have ever come across Those four readings and one listening should be a hint to how amazing I find VMM and her world The action was non stop the setting of Central Africa a true lovehate portrayal of a terrifying part of the worldRead a bit about the author Taylor Stevens and you will encounter someone with a background far different from VMM but just as fascinating and the wellspring of her portrait of growing up as an other

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The Informationist Vanessa Michael Munroe #1 Summary ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub O ue tão bem conhece enfrentando forças misteriosas ue estão determinadas em manter em segredo o destino da rapariga desaparecidaPara ter alguma esperança de sair da selva com vida Munroe vai ter de enfrentar finalmente os fantasmas do passado ue durante tanto tempo fez por esuece. I can t say that I liked it I thought that it was boring over written and unbelievable to the point of being silly To be honest I couldn t even enjoy it on the level of fantasy or escapismIt reminded me of your standard second rate mildly ridiculous gun for hire novel only this time written with a tormented female lead instead of a tormented male lead I m guessing that one is supposed to like the book largely because of the gender switch If you enjoy silly poorly written fantasy novels where jaded men with super macho abilities struggle with their demons while beating the corrupt bad guys but you ve wanted to see a woman in the lead role instead of a man well this might be the book for you For me though the gender switch didn t really add anything terribly interesting other than perhaps a few laughs The character basically ended up seeming just like a man to me Plus there was nothing even slightly believable or real about the characterAnd although it started off intriguingly enough it just kept getting ridiculous as the book went onI felt like I had to read the same over wrought scenes over and over again Vanessa Who is the traitor I m going to bitch slap you until you tell me the truth I wish I worked alone Some have compared the main character to Lisbeth Salander While I found Salander to be compelling I just thought this heroine was basically a flatly drawn selfish bch sorry for my French with ridiculously unbelievable super abilities And I have to laugh if this was supposed to be some sort of a knock off of The Dragon Tattoo series that fact was completely lost on meI did appreciate the introduction to that part of Africa but that s about all the positive I can say about it

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The Informationist Vanessa Michael Munroe #1 Summary ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ra reuisitada por empresas instituições chefes de estado e clientes privados ue podem pagar os seus serviços únicos no mundouando um bilionário texano do mundo do petróleo a contrata para encontrar a sua filha desaparecida em África Munroe regressa a um mundo selvagem e profund. Absolutely absorbing thriller At times Michael s character is just ludicrous in her abilities but that s okay This was still one of the most enjoyable books I ve read this year Dark violent kind of sexy That s what s up