(Nouns of Assemblage) [New] ¶ Riley Michael Parker

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Nouns of Assemblage
  • Riley Michael Parker
  • English
  • 24 March 2020
  • 9781937395001

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Nouns of Assemblage Read & Download ´ 104 Eph Riippi or A PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS by Frank Hinton and none of these stories are available anywhere elseThis is the first official title from HOUSEFIRE the innovative and groundbreaking publishing company located in Portland Oreg. Nouns of assemblage aka collective nouns were invented in medieval time so that people could impress each other with their knowledge of them Imagine an ironically frumpy dressed courtier strolling nonchallantly into the great hall and announcing I saw a parliament in the woods on the way here Another one says What do you mean a parliament and the first one rolls his eyes and says A group of owls It s a noun of assemblage never mind you ve probably never heard of it In this book they are converted into something useful story prompts which Housefire has gotten some of the coolest writers you ve probably never heard of to fill them in There are a few misses mainly in the form of stories so well buried under stylistic conceits as to be virtually indecipherable though you can t fault the authors for experimenting Thankfully these few are within a ridiculous number of stories most of them fine examples of modern storytelling with character ranging from emotionally poignant to indulgently sillyThought provoking great fun and doesn t ask for a great deal of your time either

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Nouns of Assemblage Read & Download ´ 104 Again covering the full gamut of what small press has to offer Every story in this collection was written from a different collective noun or noun of assemblage such as A MURDER OF CROW by Tyler Gobble or A LITTER OF PUPS by Jos. I bet Housefire is going to be doing some cool stuff in the book and Internet world There are a ton of cool writers in here though some of the stories aren t their best Janey Smith you can do better than that I think the excitement of publishing these folks probably trumped the uality of the work in some cases I completely understand that With that being said I really enjoyed a lot of the stories especially Megan Lent Matty Byloos Jamie Iredell David Drury Jess Rowan Ben Tanzer Mike Topp and Gabriel Blackwell The crazy Crispin Best story is totally goofballs and my surprise favorite of the batch This anthology includes my transgender sex club story An Ambush of Tigers

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Nouns of Assemblage Read & Download ´ 104 NOUNS OF ASSEMBLAGE collects sixty three of the strongest voices in small press fiction from J A Tyler to xTx from Kevin Sampsell to Cameron C Pierce with stories ranging from romantic to absurd to over the top violent and back. Preface This was a tricky review for me to write if only because it was not without some personal bias I approached this collection See my Oh So Lovely And Favorite Cousin Frances E Dinger has words living within the front and back covers of this book and I give her five stars for existing yes and being one of the most wonderful women I ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and since she s started telling her stories I ve enjoyed reading them in the various places she chooses to share them and this was no exceptionMy take on the book as a whole While the premise of the collection was an undoubtedly interesting and seemingly cohesive one often than not the execution of the individual pieces failed to rise to the collective occasion I think that particular disconnect between prompts given and submissions received is an undeniable risk and one taken every time you re compiling a collection this large with this many separate and very distinct voices telling separate and very distinct stories My primary issues 1 The prompts were just vague enough to inspire creativity but not focused enough to ensure the respective writers were actually saying something Saying anything in uite a few cases 2 I was looking for and ultimately really needed a bit of back story as to why the specific prompts were chosen Why did we suddenly have entire sections designated as A Tower of Giraffe and An Abomination of Platypus when before we only had sections delineated by larger sub sections of species Birds Reptiles and Amphibians Mammals etc etc Which is to say A collection can only go so far as an inside joke between itself and its writers only Three stars for so much potential and an unexpected choose your own adventure story involving bats