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Captain Durant's Countess Free read Ë 109 Free read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Maggie Robinson Summary Captain Durant's Countess Tucked amid the pages of The London List a newspaper that touts the city’s scandals is a vaguely worded ad for an intriguing job one that reuires a most wickedly uncommon candidateMaris has always been grateful that her marriage to the aging Earl of Kelby saved her from spinsterhood Though their union has been peaceful than passionate she and the e. Probably 35 375 starsI admit that I m normally a bit wary of this sort of plotline elderly impotent husband employs young virile man to impregnate his wife for two reasons First it s often used as an excuse to write lots and lots of sex without much by way of an actual story or characterisation and second if the two lovers are to get their HEA the elderly husband has to conveniently die or be killed offDespite my misgivings however I decided to give Captain Durant s Countess a try and am happy to report that although there was plenty of sex and a convenient death the overall story worked uite well mainly I think due to the very engaging character the author has created in the eponymous captainCaptain Reynold Durant is in his late twenties and having sold his commission is at a loose end rattling around London making his living at the gambling tables and having slightly kinky sex with bored widows Before the story begins it appears that he has been engaged by impotent the Earl of Kelby to service the latter s wife so that Kelby can present an heir to inherit his entailed estates upon his demise Initially needing the money Reynold or Reyn assents to this but later changes his mind however the countess hasn t and as her letters to him have gone unanswered she tracks him down to the Reigning Monarchs Society a rather select club where members can indulge their sexual fantasiesReyn s initial reaction is to try to scare her off by being crude and remaining naked but Maris Countess of Kelby is not easily cowed and he eventually and reluctantly agrees to keep to their bargainDespite this inauspicious beginning Reyn shows himself to be a truly delightful man He isn t rich and titled he s not well educated or well read in fact he has difficulty reading and writing he possibly suffers from dyslexia but he is intuitive and possessed of a natural intelligence and wit He is also charmingly vulnerable and self deprecating when it comes to his lack of education the scene towards the end of the book where he admits his shortcomings to Maris is really heart wrenchingMaris is five years older than Reyn and her husband Henry has been of a father figure to her than a husband He is very scholarly and Maris was pleased to be able to help him with his studies knowing that women were usually thought not to have sufficient intellect to be able to engage in such work They think the world of each other but now Henry is reaching the end of his life he decides he needs an heir to inherit his estates and his massive collection of antiuities His current heir is his nephew David who is presented as the villain of the piece who cares nothing for Henry s treasures and has already indicated his intention to dispose of everything by throwing it to the bottom of the lakeMaris is rather a prickly character to begin with understandably so given the circumstances but during the course of her short relationship with Reyn she comes to realise that while she has been happy with Henry she has nonetheless missed out on a lot that life has to offer and that she wants to do with the rest of her life than spend it curating a museumFor his part Reyn has fallen hard for his countess even though he knows it can never come to anything When the Earl dies and they have to part he does not expect to see her ever again but circumstances conspire to throw them together once In the intervening time Reyn has bought a farm with the intention of breeding horses he has thrown himself into repairing and re building and has finally found his purpose in lifeReyn and Maris get their HEA and although I felt that the threat from the dastardly David was neutralised rather easily it was done in a way that worked uite well within the context of the storyDespite this and a couple of other niggles convenient death convenient reunion and a few turns of phrase that felt rather modern I enjoyed Captain Durant s Countess very much Reynold Durant was a lovely hero handsome witty and charming but with an attractive vulnerability about him that was completely endearing and taken as a whole I thought the book was an engaging and sexy read With thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the review copy

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Captain Durant's Countess Free read Ë 109 Free read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Maggie Robinson Summary Captain Durant's Countess A financial worry of his own even he is reluctant to accept Kelby’s lascivious assignment until he meets the beautiful beguiling Maris Incited by duty and desire the captain may be just the man they are looking for But while he skillfully takes Maris to the heights of ecstasy she has longed for she teaches him something even valuable and unexpected. Not a bad read but I just couldn t get into it as a whole There were elements that I really liked but it was not consistent

Free read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Maggie Robinson

Captain Durant's Countess Free read Ë 109 Free read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Maggie Robinson Summary Captain Durant's Countess Arl have spent ten happy years together But his health is uickly failing and unless Maris produces an heir Kelby’s conniving nephew will inherit his estate And if the earl can’t get the job done himself he’ll find another man who canCaptain Reynold Durant is known for both his loyalty to the Crown and an infamous record of ribaldry Yet despite. Maris Countess of Kelby loves her husband As the daughter of his secretary and best friend of the earl s daughter Maris grew up on the earl s country estate and has admired him from a young age sharing his scholarly passion for the archaeological treasures uncovered by him as well as the previous Earls of Kelby Ten years ago following her father s death the earl married Maris to protect her Though they do not have a physical relationship they have a genuine affection between them and Maris would do anything to make her elderly dying husband s dearest wish come true Which is how the sheltered and very proper countess comes to be standing in London s notorious Reining Monarchs Society a private club where people can act out their sexual fantasies in private facing a very naked and uncooperative Captain Durant and determined to stay until she has convinced him to carry out the task for which he took her husband s moneyComing home after leaving the military to find his beloved younger sister in serious health Reynold Reyn Durant knows he needs a sizable sum of money to move his sister out of London and give her damaged lungs a chance to heal It could be her only hope of survival A vaguely worded advertisement in the London List gives him the means to help his sister but after taking the money Reyn s conscience intervenes and he decides he can t sleep with another man s wife for moneyno matter how desperately that man needs an heir to save his estate and his life s work from his villainous nephew That s before he meets Lady Kelby a prim proper starchy and surprisingly innocent thirty four year old woman to whom the worldly Reyn is inexplicably drawnThis storyline usually doesn t appeal to me but in Maggie Robinson s talented hands it works She brings together a buttoned up woman who has never known passion in her life and a charming passionate rogue who shows surprising gentleness and vulnerability Then she throws them into a situation where a happy ending seems impossible but as this is a romance we know somewhere down the line a happy ending awaits I like that Robinson takes her time with these characters allowing them to gradually come to know one another and us to know them I also appreciate the fact that she keeps their emotions tied to reality showing the pleasure Maris experiences as she slowly opens her mind and heart to a physical connection with a man while at the same time dealing with the guilt in knowing that these wondrous feelings are a result of betraying her husband not so much physically but emotionally even though he s been of a father to her than a true husband Then there s Reyn a surprisingly gentle and vulnerable man who finds himself developing genuine feelings for this woman who is beyond his reach because she is married but also because of her station her education and the fact that she is five years his senior There s plenty of sizzle in this book but it was ultimately the complexity of the characters the emotional depth and tenderness that kept me immersed in the story The secondary cast of characters is richly drawn especially Reyn s sister The villain of the story is dealt with in an interesting and humorously fitting manner though I felt he got off a bit too easy considering his crimes But in the end I was not as concerned about his fate as that of Reyn and Maris Don t let the premise of this book or the fact that neither the hero nor the heroine is very likable in the beginning put you off Stick with the story and you will be rewarded with a hero and heroine who reveal themselves to be worthy characters with genuinely good hearts who deserve the tender heartwarming and thoroughly satisfying romance that Maggie Robinson has given them Posted at Reader Copy received from Kensington in exchange for an honest review