[EBOOK / KINDLE] La muerte de Artemio Cruz By Carlos Fuentes

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  • La muerte de Artemio Cruz
  • Carlos Fuentes
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  • 13 July 2019
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Carlos Fuentes Á 0 Read Download Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Carlos Fuentes La muerte de Artemio Cruz Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook El paso del tiempo más de treinta años ha ratificado el valor literario de una novela La muerte de Artemio Cruz en la ue el autor se situaba a la vanguardia de lo ue algunos años más tarde se conocería como la «nueva novela hispanoamericana»Carlos Fuente. The book s title is truth in advertising We are at the deathbed of a man 71 years old He reminisces about his life and in the process gives us a mini history of modern Mexico He also tells us in overly medical detail about his pains and symptoms His wife daughter and son in law are usually by his bedside and he despises all of themLike many men who were in war in his old age he goes back to those events as the most significant in his life In Artemio s case it was episodes during the Mexican Revolutioncivil war of roughly 1910 1920 where he fought and won on the side of the revolutionaries overthrowing the landed estate owners and other rich people But Artemio lost his idealism and eventually became one of the 1% he helped overthrow He was elected to national politics and promptly used his position to accrue wealth He dealt in railroads and timber and minerals and farmland He bought land outside ever expanding Mexico City He married the daughter of a wealthy land owner and took over his estate He had a son that he encouraged to fight in the Spanish Civil War where the son died His wife ends up hating him for their son s death and for ruining her father s estate The feeling is mutualIn all his business affairs Artemio felt that an accident of geography had him born on the Mexican side of the border in his heart he belonged on the other side with the Norte Americanos the Donald Trump characters he wheeled and dealed with The book jumps around in time chronologically from past to present and sometimes becomes confusing as we go from 1919 at the time of the fighting then back to 1913 when he met the love of his life who was killed in the war then to the death of his son in Spain in the 1930 s In the last chapter 1889 we learn details of his birth and childhood at the end of the bookOf course he had many mistresses along the way and we learn of his relationships with some of these His fantastic wealth is illustrated when we read of his annual New Year s bash for 100 of Mexico s elite at his exuisite mansion Food and singers and waste all around as low paid busboys hustle drinks and cooks slave in the kitchen But all Artemio is left with are memories of the war and of his first love and the taste of ash

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Carlos Fuentes Á 0 Read Download Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Carlos Fuentes La muerte de Artemio Cruz Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nentes como la soledad el poder o el desamor La mente del protagonista transita durante toda la obra por la memoria y se convierte en un símbolo de salvación es el espejo en el ue el hombre se reconoce el lugar de encuentro con su pasado ue es a la vez su futur. This novel made a huge impression on me Read as part of my 1962 reading list it was the original translation by Sam Hileman Fuentes s translator throughout the 1960s Artemio Cruz was a fictional impoverished mulatto In his teens he ran away to fight in the Mexican Revolution but later betrayed the ideals of that conflict and through sharp dealing became a wealthy and influential financierArtemio is dying all the way through the novel but looking back from his sickbed and through the dreams and delirium of illness The author therefore becomes the voice of the man an artful and successful method of unwritten autobiography put down on the page by anotherWhile still a soldier Artemio finds his first his one and only love Once she dies of a bullet wound his ideals become diluted by sorrow The rise to power involves him in a loveless marriage as well as shady dealing with American investors Like any good mogul he also buys a newspaper by which he can spin events to his own benefit and influence politiciansDespite the despicable nature of Artemio s life I came to care about this man Like many modern novels of today the time seuence is tangled but creates the effect of a person coming to terms with his life seeing how his earlier actions influenced later ones grappling with the tough uestions of honor vs power As a result Fuentes presented a history of the revolution through the lens of one man s lifeAlso by means of straight memory dream states and the continuous contrast of Artemios s current struggle with his illness his doctors and his family the author draws the reader into all the conflicting ways any person deals with a life The writing is powerful somewhat experimental and I almost did not want the book to end I turned the last page and wondered who I could read that writes like this today

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Carlos Fuentes Á 0 Read Download Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Carlos Fuentes La muerte de Artemio Cruz Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S sorprendió a los críticos con una novela moderna y de enorme solidez narrativa Novela de gran intensidad temática está centrada en la reflexión sobre el México surgido de la Revolución pero también analiza con amargura cuestiones tan universales y perma. carlos fuentes is another one of those latin american writers that makes me hate myself beyond his tremendous skill as a novelist he s good looking well dressed worldly dashing daring and claims to have slept with jean seberg and jeanne au the bastard and then i come across the article below and all my self hatred is directed solely at him the series mentioned would surely be my favorite bunch of books ever written except they don t exist In the fall of 1967 I happened to be in London at the same time as the Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa We had both read recently and with admiration as well as a touch of envy Edmund Wilson s portraits of the American Civil War in Patriotic Gore Sitting in a pub in Hampstead we thought it would be a good idea to have a comparable book on Latin America An imaginary portrait gallery immediately stepped forward demanding incarnation the Latin American dictatorsIndividuals such as Mexico s Santa Anna the peg legged cockfighter who lost the Southwest to President James K Polk s Manifest Destiny or Venezuela s Juan Vicente Gomez who announced his own death in order to punish those who dared celebrate it or El Salvador s Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez who fought off scarlet fever by having street lights wrapped in red paper or Bolivia s Enriue Penaranda of whom his mother said If I had known that my son was going to be president I would have taught him to read and write all of them pose tremendous problems for Latin American novelists How to compete with history How to create characters richer crazier imaginative than those offered by historyMr Vargas Llosa and I sought an answer by inviting a dozen Latin American authors to write a novella each no than 50 pages per capita on their favorite national tyrant The collective volume would be called Los Padres de las Patrias The Fathers of the Fatherlands and the French publisher Claude Gallimard took it up instantly Unfortunately it proved impossible to coordinate the multiple tempos and varied wills of a wide variety of writers who included if my recall is as good as that of Augusto Roa Bastos character El Supremo Mr Roa Bastos himself Argentina s Julio Cortazar Venezuela s Miguel Otero Silva Colombia s Gabriel Garcia Maruez Cuba s Alejo Carpentier the Dominican Republic s Juan Bosch and Chile s Jose Donoso and Jorge Edwards one of them promised to take on a Bolivian dictator When the project fell through three of these authors went on to write full length novels of their own Mr Carpentier Reasons of State Mr Garcia Maruez The Autumn of the Patriarch and Mr Roa Bastos I the Supreme bastard