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  • The Brothers
  • Masha Gessen
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  • 09 February 2019
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Read & Download The Brothers ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ome to passThis is a probing and powerful story of dislocation and the longing for clarity and identity that can reach the point of combustion Bestselling Russian American author Masha Gessen is uniuely endowed with the background access and talent to tell it She explains who the brothers were and how they came to do what they appear to have done From their displaced beginnings as descendants of ethnic Chechens deported to Central Asia in the Stalin era Gessen follows them as they are displaced again from strife ridden Kyrgy. I ve been attending Dzhokhar Tsarnaev s trial over the past few months and obtained a media copy of this book Masha Gessen travelled back to Dagestan and retraced the steps of the Tsarnaev family s life leading up to the denouement of the bombing Gessen is deeply steeped in contemporary Russian history particularly as it pertains to Chechnya and has written this book with characteristic empathy nuance and understanding Not only that it is written with considerable verve and was pretty much a page turner throughout I was enjoying it enough until the end when it took a decidedly subversive tone by engaging with many of the conspiracies and legitimately irksome uestions which remain around the bombing FBI relationship with Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the deaths and detentions of many other Chechens in America in the aftermath of the attack The book is written with admirable storytelling skill highly recommended to anyone not just those who are interested in this case

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Read & Download The Brothers ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Zstan to war torn Dagestan and then as émigrés to the United States into an utterly disorienting new world Most crucially she reconstructs the struggle between assimilation and alienation that ensued for each of the brothers fueling their apparent metamorphosis into a new breed of homegrown terrorist with their feet on American soil but their loyalties elsewhere a split in identity that seems to have incubated a deadly sense of mission Like Dave Cullen’s Columbine this will be the enduring account of an indelible tragedy. This was a strange book In light of the recent anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing and the close of the trial against one of the brothers this seemed like a good pick up I was intrigued by the title and the idea that it was not about the bombing itself but rather what led up to it and its aftermath I did not know and was somewhat expecting being left with answers but the book is a little odd and I m not entirely sure what a reader is supposed to get out of it It s the story of the family Tsarnaev their origins their struggles and their hopes and dreams I thought the author started off relatively well by discussing Dagestan the place in history and geography what sort of background the parents came from But I have to admit I was not as interested in the parents We see the family move to the US in the hopes of a better life and to achieve what some of their countrypeople have becoming lawyers marrying and having children without the threat of war although the family would arrive not long after 911 and moving up This was not to be so They did not adjust did not assimilate and despite the talents of the family members their mom is gifted with languages Tamerlan was a good boxer etc they are unable to achieve what they had hoped And then from here the book becomes murky The author traces the elder brother s return to Dagestan the sort of drifter Dzhokhar had become the author states he chose the least academically challenging of the schools that accepted him although doesn t name the others without discussing the details It s not really clear what exactly drew the brothers to create bombs It s like the younger brother was a stoner in college and then he tells his friend he can build bombs Uh what The author sort drops these two once the bombing occurs Tamerlan dies not long after in a confrontation with the policegetting run over by his brother and focuses on the friends who were arrested and interrogated for being connected or somehow helping Tamerlan and Dzhokhar hide evidence etc I ve read reviews critical of the book saying it s too sympathetic but I think the problem is elsehwere there s so much that is missing I understand the author s focus but the way the book is constructed I just do not understand what the reader was supposed to extrapolate I do not consider myself an expert but there were articles talking about the parents after the bombing they disappear pretty much by the last part of the book about uncle Ruslan who called his nephews losers Tamerlan s wife who briefly appears in the book etc The author sometimes skips around in time and I kept pausing because I know I ve read other pieces and articles about pieces of this story yet they are not mentioned here Indeed according to the bibliography the author relied almost entirely on books but it s clear she did interviews too Did she read the various news articles She discusses some of the media perceptions and coverage but it even with Gessen s narrow focus I couldn t help but think she was leaving stuff out And I could not say if that was to make the book sympathetic on her subjects but it just seems sloppy This was really emphasized to me when the author states that Chechen men beat their wives to show their power Um There are no footnotes or endnotes and while I understand that the author is journalist who did research and has reported on Chechnya forgive me for wanting some citation for that statement There are some good parts at the end that will make us uestion about what we were told about this story about whether the use of force was really justified etc But some of the omissions are uite odd It was an interesting read but it s obviously not at all authoritative It was worth the read but I ll be picking up other books to supplement this one

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Read & Download The Brothers ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook An important story for our era How the American Dream went wrong for two immigrants and the nightmare that resulted The facts of the tragedy are established On April 15 2013 two homemade bombs fashioned from pressure cookers exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing three people and wounding 264 others The elder of the brothers suspected of committing this atrocity Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in the ensuing manhunt; Dzhokhar will stand trial in January 2015 What we don’t know is why How did such a nightmare c. So what if a kid dies God will take care of him Tamerlan Tsarnaev Terrorism has become a festering wound It is an enemy of humanity wrote the late former prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee On April 15 2013 two dysfunctional angry young brothers carried out the Boston marathon bombings The oldest brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a non practicing Muslim who only became an Islamist militant when his dream of becoming an Olympic boxer ended At the time of the attack he was twenty six years old married a father unhappy and unemployed The youngest brother Dzhokhar 19 years old was a puppy dog to the older brother a kid who had followed his older sibling and crossed the dark side This compelling book is the history of the Tsarnaev family starting with the grandparents and the parents The family had been of Chechen descent and wars persecution had forced them to relocate over and over first from Chechnya then to Kyrgyzstan then to Dagestan Russia The parents and Dzhokhar came over to America in 2002 for ninety days on a tourist visa when he was eight The older brother Tamerlan stayed with his uncle and arrived two years later The family claimed asylum and settled in Cambridge Massachusetts Russian Author and Journalist Masha Gessen has written an excellent book that was personal to her in a lot of ways She and her family were also exiles just like the Tsarnaev family were when she just a teenager Later she was literally forced out of Russia due to her books about Putin Gessen believes that very little of the brothers terrorism activities were pre planned She does not believe that the brothers received training from Al ueda or Isis but rather pulled off their own ghastly deeds in Boston by themselves with some help Unlike the media and law enforcement Gessen does not buy they were radicalized but that the brothers had no real sense of identity and were desperately looking for something meaningful to grasp onto They were failing terribly in their own personal lives they were nobodies and this was something big and terrible to attach themselves to it gave their lives meaning Tamerlain was killed during a shootout with the police after the bombing Dzhokhar was captured had a public trial and sentenced to death He put a shame he put a shame on our family The Tsarni family He put a shame on the entire Chechen ethnicity said his Uncle Ruslan Tsarni Four stars for a well written book