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Los años con Laura Díaz Free download á 109 Laura Diaz is a passionate character intimately connected to many historical event. 45the better looking version of this review is on my blog Our lives are hourglasses Every grain of sand is a moment An hourglass is turned over gravity does its job sand starts falling A life starts Personality is first an inchoate entity a grain of sand then two then the accumulation of all the fallen grains of sand is what we are what we become Until the final grain has fallen there is a continuous transformation the present me is built upon layers and layers of different alter egos the multitude of me s that we have been in the past Laura s story does not begin when she is born It would be too easy None of our stories have this kind of well established beginning We only see the trees but under the ground there are roots We keep forgetting this Laura s family is a family of German immigrants Each one of its members has its own drama Discontent runs deep in the family hidden one way or another behind stories that are meant to provide explanations and which only seem to succeed in romanticizing everything Returning to the past meant entering an empty interminable corridor where one could no longer find the usual things or people one wanted to see again As if they were playing with both our memory and our imagination the people and things of the past challenged us to situate them in the present not forgetting they had a past and would have a future although that future would be precisely only that of memory again in the present Ab ovo Laura s story is this one there is a grandmother whose fingers from the right hand or maybe it was the left one I don t recall were cut because she had been too proud to have surrendered her wedding ring to a thief she was strongly attracted to who had attacked her convoy when she was going to her husband s mansion there are two spinster aunts one a never published poet the other a never acknowledged pianist there is another aunt who was her grandfather s daughter with a prostitute there is a mom who decides that the only way to escape the seclusion of her family is to keep her feet on the ground unlike her sisters The story starts being delineated in our minds before Laura even gets to enter the stage Before the sketch of her own life starts to get contours all these lives from the past are already strongly imprinted in her DNA our existence has no other meaning but to complete unfinished desires Her own story revolves around Santiagos her step brother her son her nephew and another Santiago that she does not interact with but whose unseen roots below ground get to lean on her experience of life and vision The grains of sand are falling in her hourglass she encounters love and its different forms the erotical love the maternal love brotherly love she experiences solitude and lack of meaning she experiences intimacy she gets introduced to the Mexican art world Frida and Diego Rivera she gets to understand that she cannot love her two sons eually and that we are drawn to some people and not to others she is vulnerable and learns to embrace this since it is all a part of becoming who you actually are she finds motivation and artistic forms of self expression she learns to be alone without being lonely she learns to forgive and she learns that all past experiences have their own safe place in her mind that there is no reason to deny their existence because they are part of what she has become We have to make time for the things that have taken place We have to allow pain to become knowledge in some way Grandeur of haciendas in contrast with corruption cruelty of politics and senseless deaths are graciously woven in this saga Laura is a survivor She learns moral fortitude along the way She is a daughter and a mom she is a niece a grand daughter a mother in law a grandmother a great grandmother A stepsister A lover A wife A friend She makes mistakes and she learns from them She begins to understand that we are all unfulfilled promises and that we all understand this only too late Santiago had been an unfulfilled promise Was that what Grandfather was too despite his age Was there any really finished life a single life that wasn t also a truncated promise a latent possibility even It isn t the past that dies with each of us The future dies as well Other hourglasses are turned over all the time Other lives begin Sand starts falling First grain Second grain Other personalities are getting shaped but the process starts anew each time For Laura what might have been already was Everything happened exactly as it should have happened all photos are taken by me in Azore Islands and Lisbon

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Los años con Laura Díaz Free download á 109 Pporting his novel with facts and characters that define the shape of today's Mexi. Reading this book almost twenty years after it was originally published offered me a refresher course in Mexican political and cultural history Carlos Fuentes took on the daunting task of seeing the world through the eyes of a female protagonist That he succeeded so well says something about his stature as one of Latin America s leading novelists Given today s focus on the issues of feminism and immigration THE YEARS WITH LAURA DIAZ sheds light on the decades when both were emerging as central aspects of national and personal identity in Western Europe and the Western Hemisphere Above all we see how European immigration the Spanish Civil War and the Holocaust in particular contributed to changes within Mexico and the United States Carlos Fuentes offers a panoramic view of world shaping events while intimately suggesting how individuals experienced them

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Los años con Laura Díaz Free download á 109 S Through her story Fuentes writes the journal of the Mexican twentieth century su. Laura Diaz story is told through a series of vignettes many of which Fuentes has modeled on the experiences of members of his own family descendants of German immigrants from the region of Veracruz and her experiences illustrate the artistic and political movements that shaped 20th century Mexico In an English television interview Fuentes characterizes the book as a sort of female The Death of Artemio Cruz but it struck me as much broader in scope besides the Mexican revolution and economic development of the 1940 s and 50 s Laura shelters the refugees from the Spanish Civil War and the McCarthy hearings in the United States but also intentionally less psychologically realistic and narratively interesting That is why it took so long to reach her grandfather s bedroom Reaching the dying man s bed reuired her to touch each and every one of the days of his existence to remember imagine perhaps invent what never happened and even what wasn t imaginable and to do so by the mere presence of a beloved being who represented everything that wasn t that was that could be and that never could take place p 82